Universal timer-intervalometer

Universal timer-intervalometer

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Thanks to this timer, you'll be able to have an intervalometer on any camera that has a remote shutter connection. The trigger timer can be set from 2 to 30 seconds.

Operating instructions

The pinout is shown on the picture here beside. The TOP side is identified by the gold adjusting screw. Connect a standard servo or (servo operated shutter) on the YEL / RED / BLK connections.
Connect +VE (positive) and -VE (negative) to 5V supply.
The operation repeats every 3 to 30 seconds. To change the repeat rate, adjust the gold screw. This is a 22 turn adjustment and has a slipping clutch at the end, so it makes a very quiet click when at the end of the travel. The time between triggers increases as the adjustment is turned clockwise, about 1 turn per second.
To achieve an interval of 2 seconds, leave BLU connected to –VE or BLK permanently.

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 2grams
  • Powered by the 5V of your receiver
  • Type of connection: servo

Scope of delivery

  • One timer-intervalometer



  • In order to operate, this intervalometer needs to be combined with a remote shutter (assuming that the camera has this function).

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