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PRO AV200 Gimbal - PhotoHigher camera mount

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This PhotoHigher AV200 Pro camera mount is a professional level housing with 5:1 tilt, 10:1 reduction on roll for very fine and smooth gyro stabilization directly off the flight controller and on-board motion control sensors.

This is the latest version of the AV200 that has been seriously improved on the reactivity level of the Roll axis (72 teeth gear and 3 turns potentiometer).

It is precision engineered, beautifully designed and crafted by an expert in the field of RC AP and is primarily constructed from lightweight alloys and machined engineering plastics. It has a high speed coreless roll servo with an external potentiometer - digital servo on tilt driving a toothed belt with a fully adjustable camera table for c of g positioning and balancing.
The AV200 Pro camera mount come completely assembled.

The mount will easily house a large DSLR (Canon 7D) or a high quality HD video camera - due to its weight and size it is recommended to use it with MikroKopters that have enough power to lift it.

The AV200 Pro camera mount can be used with:
- Droidworx frames with their extended landing gear
- Aero-Tek foldable frames with this camera mount adapter
- OnyxStar foldable frames with this camera mount adapter

Technical specifications:

  • Weight (approx): 728 grams
  • Internal space dimensions:
    • Height: 145 mm
    • Width: 170 mm


Scope of delivery:

  • One AV200 camera mount
  • One upper plate


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  • Model: CAMERA_MOUNT_AV200

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