Module Jeti Duplex TU2 - 2.4GHz

Module Jeti Duplex TU2 - 2.4GHz

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  • Model: JD-TU2 (98)

Jeti Duplex TU2 2.4GHz Transmitter Module.

This module is used universally for nearly all remote controls. It can be installed directly as replacement of the original RF module.
Also it can be connected to a trainer connection.

Compatible systems are for example:

  • Graupner/JR: X-347, X-388, X-9303, MX-22, X-3810 ADT, PCM-10S, PCM-10X, FM-6014, MC-17, MC-18, MC-20, MC-24, MC-10, MC-14, MC-15, MC-22, MC-16-20, MX-12, MX-16, MX-16s,MC-12,MX-16s,MC-19
  • Futaba: 7U, 8U, 8J, 9C,9Z, FN, T10C, 3PK, 3PJ, FC-18, FC-28, FC-18 JUNIOR, T6EXHP, 12FG, 12Z, 14MZ, FX-14,FC-16,FX-18
  • Hitec: Optic 6, Eclipse 7, Prism 7, Laser 4, Laser 6, Optic 6 sport
  • Multiplex: Evo 7,9,12 Serie, Cockpit SX, Profi 3000, Profi 4000, Cockpit MM

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Jeti Duplex TU2 module
  • 1 Antenna