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MK USB (USB<-->TTL converter)


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MKUSB: USB adapter kit for the MikroKopter (SMD preassembled, everything is soldered).

This adapter converts USB signal to serial.
It has two 10pin connector for direct connection to FlightCtrl, NaviCtrl, MK3Mag or BL-Ctrl.
By placing a jumper, the target board can be powered with 5V if needed.

With the MK-USB you can program all controllers in the MikroKopter using the boot loader (on all preassembled SMD boards the boot loader is already installed). Of course you can also use the MK-USB for setup and debugging the MikroKopter.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 SMD-preassembled board (the 10 pins connector is already soldered on the board)
  • Jumper, 10 poles flat cable
  • 1 USB-cable (Typ A to Mini-USB)

See also the article in the Wiki

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