Mikrokopter® ARF Okto XL 6S12 - Pre-assembled drone with 8 rotors XL

Mikrokopter® ARF Okto XL 6S12 - Pre-assembled drone with 8 rotors XL

Price: 6.499,00€

Price without tax: 5.371,07€

Max: 1
Available on a per order basis

  • Model: ARF_OKTO_XL_6S12 (41299)

Almost ready-to-fly drone with MikroKopter electronics on a MikroKopter frame.
This powerful Okto XL is almost assembled, which means that only simple mechanical assembly work is required (like mounting the propellers, the landing gear and the LiPo holder).
All the electrical and electronic components are already installed, configured and tested.
The package includes the FlightCtrl, the Navi-Ctrl and the MK-GPS boards.
4 LiPo batteries are also included as 12 inch EPP-propellers and high-quality 12-inch carbon fiber propellers.
The plastic and more flexible EPP propellers are only to be used without payload.
The ARF Okto XL is already pre-configured for our RC-transmitters (MX-20 and MC-32) in mode 2, but may of course be configured in mode 1, etc.
A commercial license for the software of the MikroKopter with a GPS radius of 1000m and 99 waypoints is also included.

This aircraft includes the MikroKopter GPS functionalities and is able to navigate autonomously (way-points, position and altitude hold, back to home, POI - points of interest, etc).

The Okto-XL is available in an optional bundle with thegeoreferencing & 3D modeling software: Smart3DCapture® Advanced Edition and Pix4DMapper (see options at the bottom of this page).

A delay of 7 working days may be necessary before shipping this drone.

It may vary according to the chosen options at ordering.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 FlightCtrl
  • 1 Navi-Ctrl
  • 1 MK-GPS v3
  • 1 MKUSB
  • 8 BL-Ctrl V3.0 assembled on a powerboard
  • 1 Okto XL frame with carbon centerplates and LED
  • 3 Domes (2 black + 1 transparent)
  • 1 Porte-batteries (version CFK) avec train d'atterrissage intégré
  • 4 Batteries Lipo 4500mAh/20C/6s - FLAT
  • 1 Y cable to connect two LiPo batteries in parallel
  • 8 EPP12 inch propeller pairs to fly without payload
  • 4 High quality carbon propeller pairs
  • 8 Angle adapters for the motors
  • 8 Propeller mounts - 5mm
  • 8 Brushless motors MK3644 - 380W
  • 1 Clip for receiver GR-16
  • 1 Commercial license
  • Pre-assembled (excluding the propellers, the landing gear and the battery holder), tuned and tested


Other possible options:

  • Ground station with receiver / FPV kit  if live video transmission is required
  • Shutter cables
  • 2nd radio control & ground station for the cameraman
  • Range-Extender for wireless data connection with computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.
  • Flight case
  • Flight simulator Mikrokopter AeroSIM RC for learning
  • Georeferencing & 3D modeling software: Smart3DCapture® Advanced Edition
  • Georeferencing & 3D modeling software Pix4DMapper



  • The kit doesn't includes any camera mount, but is foreseen to receive one.
  • The picture of this article is non contractual and displays several options that are not included.
  • This kit doesn't include any receiver, trasmitter, gimbal and charger.


Max: 1