AltiGator and MikroKopter in Nuremberg

In order to better highlight the collaboration between MikroKopter and AltiGator our teams were jointly present at the International Fair - the famous "Toy Fair" - which was held in Nuremberg early this year.

Professional drones at the "Toy Fair"
It is true that among all these toys, our professional drones really stood out! The visitor was immediately warned by a clear inscription: "This is not a toy" already that was confirming the evidence of the type of material exposed.
It was indeed fun, even a little paradoxical finding such high-tech and European multirotors -including electronics "Made in Germany"- among all these toys that attempt to provide solution for aerial view to professional users.

What's new at our booth
  • The new MikroKopter v3.0 brushless controllers that set the standards even higher. It would be difficult to name all their advantages and new features, but we at least will mention the Active Freewheeling, extreme reactivity, energy recovery, reduced consumption, better stability in flight, and the ability to use LiPos up to 7S, among many others ...

  • The new Flight-Ctrl v2.5 with unprecedented altitude control, immunization against vibrations, support for 6S batteries, its improved power circuit and its legendary stability operation.

  • Our OnyxStar FOX-C8-HD with his brushless 3-axis gimbal and retractable landing gear designed for cameras such as the Red-EPIC and with a power that has enabled us to raise 9Kg payload without reaching the limit of its capacity.

  • The new MikroKopter Quad XL with a brushless 2 axes gimbal, which will carry your Sony camera in the air for 18 minutes.

  • The MikroKopter Okto-XL, also called the "BeerCopter" now famous in Germany following a television show tinged with humorous touches, which nevertheless showed a payload of 6 kg.

  • The piloting ground-stations with video monitor and zoom control and video recording for Sony cameras by a single pilot or in combination with a cameraman.

Full of visitors
The flow of visitors to our stand was such that the passage was often difficult to our pathway.
We were delighted to meet so many people who have made the trip, giving us the opportunity to discuss in person, to share our experiences and help them discover what's new on our booth.
Congratulations and encouragement to the quality of support were numerous and the famous "Made in Germany" has never been that much acclaimed. It was also a pleasure to meet in person our loyal customers!

New Products For November

Silicone cable - 22AWG / 0.33mm² Maroon

Highly flexible Silicone cable....


Mini carrier board for The Cube (Pixhawk 2.1)

The Mini carrier board is designed to r...


The Cube (Pixhawk 2.1)

The Cube (Pixhawk 2.1) is the famous a...


Here+ V2 RTK GNSS - Kit for Cube (Pixhawk 2.1)

Here+ V2  RTK GNSS (M8P) module is...


T-Motor set: MN7005 KV230 motor + ESC ALPHA 40A LV

This set is made of a T-Motor Navigator...

349,00€ 299,00€

Save: 50,00€

Electronic Speed Controller Maytech VESC60A

Open source electronic speed controller...

149,00€ 119,00€

Save: 30,00€

FrSky R9 long range receiver with 16 channels and telemetry

Long range Radio-controlled receiver R9...


R9M EU - Long range module for FrSky radiocontroller

The R9M (EU) is an additional module fo...

59,00€ 49,00€

Save: 10,00€

Turnigy Multistar 45A ESC Multirotor 2-6S

Turnigy Multistar 45A 2-6S ESC speed co...


Turnigy Multistar ESC programming card

Turnigy Multistar ESC speed controller ...


Laser Altimeter LW20C/I2C (100m)

The LW20 is a small form factor, 100 me...


Extension cable RP-SMA female to MMCX male - 50 cm

Extension cable RP-SMA female to MMCX m...


Silicone cable - 26AWG / 0.13mm² Black

Highly flexible Silicone cable....


T-motor foldable carbon propellers 15.2x5''

  High precision foldable, li...


Angled micro HDMI to mini HDMI cable for AMIMON Connex

Flexible, solid and lightweight, this c...


Jack 2.35mm male / 3.35 mm male cable

Standard jack cable having two male jac...


Here 2 - GNSS receiver for Pixhawk 2.1 "Cube"

Here 2 GNSS receiver is the new version...


JST-GH male / male cable with protection (8 pin / 30 cm)

Communication cable with JST-GH 1.25mm ...


Radio Telemetry Kit for PixHawk 2.1 - 915Mhz

This 915 MHz PixHawk / Ardupilot teleme...


FrSky Receiver RX8R PRO with 16 channels and telemetry

The FrSky RX8R PRO rc ceceiver is an up...


Radio Telemetry Kit (B) for PixHawk (with Bluetooth) - 433Mhz

This telemetry kit 433MHz for Pixhawk a...


Extension cable SMA male to SMA female - 35cm

High resistance extension cable (RG316)...


JR/FUTABA servo connector - female

JR/FUTABA type female connector for ser...


JR/FUTABA servo connector - male

JR/FUTABA type male connector for servo...